Mission Statement 

    GO PRO SKILLS CAMP is a no-cost, elite skills development program for athletes that are less fortunate in the inner cities of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. George and his team have committed their efforts to inviting 80-90 underprivileged, teenage boys (ages 13 - 17) to summer camp who otherwise not be able to participate or afford such a program. They have structured this platform to provide advanced skill development as well as having both motivational and inspirational speakers of prominence. The intention, as well, is to influence these young athletes at a critical point in their basketball careers where they might, in fact, be questioning their future with the sport as well as their overall future. 


    In addition to providing a deeper understanding of the sport, and enhancing their personal development, this program will introduce professional players as well as career-devoted coaches. Through their stories and advice, the professional athletes will help provide a positive, uplifting experience, free of charge. George also plans to have a spiritual leader from his community speak to the boys to help them solidify their faith and instill hope for a better future.


    This concentrated, skills development and inspirational program is meant to further advance the kids' potential and interest in the sport of basketball as well as stressing the importance of higher education.


    Sponsor funding will enable this camp to perpetuate this model annually with the hope of adding a girls' program in the future. It will also allow GO PRO SKILLS CAMP to continue offering stellar coaching, professional athlete visits and profoundly meaningful speakers filling a much needed niche in the Lehigh Valley. 


Advanced basketball program for underprivileged teens